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Car sales near you… covers used car auto dealers in Zimbabwe’s major cities and locations

How To Use ZWE Cars Classifieds

Cars Dealers

  1. -Log on the site so you can post cars
  2. -You can use email or Facebook profile to login in seconds
  3. -Input your vehicles details.  Include price, car specifications your location and contact details. DONE!
  4. -Remember to also browse on the Help Me Find link to see what potential buyers are looking for.
  5. -Use as many images as possible. Most popular brands are ex-Japanese and UK cars.

Car Buyers

  1. -Browse through the car listings 
  2. -If you see what you are looking for contact seller using WhatsApp
  3. -Make use of the Save and View Later button
  4. -If you want the community to help you find a certain vehicle fill out and submit the form via Help Me Find button
  5. -Use search bar on top to find a car by location, make or model. You can also use the search filter on location pages to get specific prices for example if your price range is Cars under $3000